Non Prime Mortgage Lenders

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2 Months Bank Statements Mortgage wait to apply until better looking bank statement? (loan. – I’m supposed to submit the last 2 months bank statements with my mortgage application. My new statement comes out in a few days showing that I have a high balance in savings (from tax refund).

Non-Prime Mortgage Solutions: The Comeback No One Expected Following the financial crisis of 2008, many assumed sub-prime mortgages would become a part of mortgage history. Instead though, the non-prime sector of mortgage financing is growing, demonstrating that proper application of alternative mortgage solutions can be a boon to the market.

Jumbo non-prime home loans are designed for people that have been unable to qualify under the tighter restricted guidelines of a conventional or government home loan program. Our unique Jumbo non-prime home loans have expanded credit requirements that allow for lower downpayment, longer terms with Interest-Only options, for a more affordable.