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Tutoring Help: How To Calculate The Area – How To Calculate Area . Home > By Subject > Geometry > How To Calculate The Area of a Rectangle; What is area? Area tells us the size of a shape or figure. It tells us the size of squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, other polygons, or any enclosed figure.

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How do you find the area of a triangle? | Yahoo Answers – Then, all you have to do is find the areas of the right triangles on the inside of the rectangle, and subtract that from the area of the rectangle. For example, you would have a right triangle whose vertices were (-1,1), (-1,13), and (0,13). Finding the area of that triangle would be easy, because you already know the height and the base. So.

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How to Find the Area in Math | Sciencing – The most common shapes to find the area of are rectangles and circles. Each of these shapes has its own distinct area formula. To find the area of a circle, you will need to use a calculator that has a button for pi. If you are using a calculator that does not have this button, you can approximate the area by substituting 3.1415 for pi.

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Area of a parallelogram (video) | Khan Academy – So the area of a parallelogram, let me make this looking more like a parallelogram again. The area of a parallelogram is just going to be, if you have the base and the height, it’s just going to be the base times the height. So the area for both of these, the area for both of these, are just base times height.

What is Area? – Math is Fun – Maths Resources – Learn more at Area of Plane Shapes.. Area by Counting Squares. We can also put the shape on a grid and count the number of squares: The rectangle has an area of 15. Example: When each square is 1 cm on a side, then the area is 15 cm 2 (15 square cm). Approximate Area by Counting Squares