Fannie Mae Guidelines For Condos

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Conforming mortgage rules for condos The majority of home buyers use "conforming" mortgage financing. This means that their loan purchased by one of two government-sponsored entities – Fannie Mae.

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Any unit located in a condo project within a larger PUD project or master association must meet the applicable requirements for condo projects. The project does not permit a priority lien for unpaid common expenses in excess of Fannie Mae’s priority lien limitations. See Chapter 6D for.

Before the new guidelines, Fannie Mae required at least 51% of the units in a new condo development to either be sold or under contract to allow financing of any units. But right now, they increased this number to 70%. Fannie Mae also requires existing condo associations to set at least 10% of their annual budgets in reserve for maintenance and upkeep. These new stricter guidelines have also been adopted by Freddie Mac.

Another way a condo association can impact Fannie Mae approval is if they follow all guidelines that would be checked if a lender would attempt to get a one-off Fannie approval for a condo loan. The one item that causes glitches for many condo sale deals is whether or not a condo has 10% of the total budget set aside for reserves.

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Fannie Mae’s automated underwriting system must state that the loan qualifies for a Limited Review. Otherwise, it must go through a Full Review. If the association is not maintaining a reserve account nor contributing 10% to it annually, unit financing will be denied to any borrower who doesn’t qualify for a Limited Review.

Fannie Mae requires that 50 percent of the units be occupied by owners, not investors. This gives stability to the community and assures other owners that their community won’t be renter-dominated.

Fannie Mae says a site condo will be exempted from a full project review if the unit meets its site condo definition and additional eligibility requirements. A site condo is defined by Fannie Mae as a detached condominium unit in a project that has all these characteristics, as lifted from its Selling Guide.

Fannie Mae Project Eligibility Review Service (PERS) – Final project approval. Seller has been approved as a Fannie Mae "Full Review," submitted to Fannie Mae’s Condo Project Manager(CPM)* and received a project acceptance certification.